Monday, March 28, 2011


   I am always amused by the workings of my seven-year-old's mind.  Driving home from church the other day, we passed an area under construction near our house.  The identifying signage was typically vague and ill-placed, in my opinion.  I commented to Rob (my husband) who was driving that I thought we had missed the exit.  He jokingly said, "Well, I guess we'll have to drive all the way around [the Beltway] and come in from the other side."  Caleb, from the back seat said, "We have to drive all the way around the whole world??!!"  Rob launched into a sarcastic explanation of our new route home, complete with desert crossings and large watercraft to navigate oceans.  Caleb wondered how we would get our van across the water, and Rob told him we would take a ferry.  Caleb scoffed at this idea.  "That's imPOSSible!"  Rob challenged him, "you don't think I could drive all the way around the world in one day?"  "Of course not," said Caleb, "because there's no such thing as fairies!" 
   And a certain Veggie Tales song suddenly sprung to mind: Homophones...Homophones! 

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